Adult video chat reviews adult entertainment news related sites

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Adult video chat reviews adult entertainment news related sites

With plans to open new locations every year, you don`t have to worry about the stability of your job, like it usually happens with other live cam studios that don`t stay open for a very long time. International recognition and Jasmin Gold Certification Studio 20 is the first and only Jasmin Gold-certified live cam studio - the highest possible level, which offers webcam jobs to all young women who want to change their lives for the better.This title is an official reward for our company's and webcam models` efforts, as well as a recognition of a special partnership between the two brand names that share the glamor online modeling niche, a partnership that results in preferential conditions for Studio 20`s models.Our team of specialists has the necessary knowledge and abilities to transform every webcam model into a star of the online modeling industry.The team’s role is to support you every step of the way, in order for you to maximize your earnings, which will help you fulfill your dreams.They make sure that the whole team does their job and work in benefit of the webcam models. The training department This is one of the most important departments because it helps the webcam models gain useful info about webcam jobs and the online modeling industry.

Studio 20, the biggest live cam studio in the world, offers you the chance to perform webcam jobs in a clean and beautifully decorated workspace, with high-class technology, alongside the best team in the online modeling industry.

The financial department will give you a copy immediately after signing the contract. The artistic department Our studio provides you with female professional photographers and video editors, so you can be as relaxed as possible during the shoots.

With their help, your live cam studio profile will look flawless, so you can impress the members with your photo and video gallery. The styling department In order for you to look fabulous everyday, you perform webcam jobs, a make-up artist and a hairstylist will take care of your image.

Every model that signs with To ensure the fairness and transparency, we will sign this contract on your first day of work and you will receive a copy immediately after.

Besides the initially signed contract with Studio 20, at each payday, we will issue an addendum, in which we will specify the earnings from each online modeling website for that time period, the percentage that you take, the taxes owed and, finally, the net amount that you will collect, as a result of your webcam job.

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Due to the fact that we are fair and transparent, we want you to know everything about your performance, so every time you get paid, you will sign an additional form in which you will see the amount of money you earned from each site, your total and your commission. Glamor approach At Studio 20, you have the possibility of performing webcam jobs without taking your clothes off.

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