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"Lee had an obsession about shooting me from behind -- he was obsessed with my ass! "We shot the rough sex scene on day one, and I barely knew her.

She never took a backwards step; working with her was working without a net.

There's a lot more shit in there that was cut out, believe me.

I was afraid I was hurting her, but she was more fearless than me.

She joins other A-listers at Sundance this month, such as her friend Naomi Watts, Ashton Kutcher, Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Mc Conaughey and Amanda Seyfried, who are coming to hawk small-budget movies, the type whose costs can equal the crafts-services bill on a studio set.

At Park City, Kidman will be debuting the just-under- million stylized horror movie . "I come from Australia, I was trained in indie movies. I've been offered some studio films this year and turned them down.

But on this chilly California day, she looks no worse for wear and arrives on time for a photo shoot for this publication dressed in black leggings and a sequined sweater.

On the set, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise and Oscar winner whose paychecks have run as high as million a movie dons some old Levi's jeans and a T-shirt from L. vintage emporium What Goes Around Comes Around and decides she has to have them.

She was in Australia on vacation with husband Keith Urban and their two young daughters and then traveled 30 hours to Europe to shoot the final scenes for her upcoming ).

She was gang-raped in 's Korean director Park Chan-wook, is a moody gothic art film/horror hybrid in which Kidman plays Mia Wasikowska's icy mother, who might or might not be a murderess.

"Her recent choices don't surprise me," says director Baz Luhrmann, who shifted her career with 2001's "You can identify careers where actors like Nicole find something that works for them and have simply mined that vein for a very lucrative and comfortable career -- it's no criticism -- but Nicole goes out of her way to walk on the razor's edge as an artist.

I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists -- Connor [the 's Scientology exposé and Wright's book both claim the Church turned them against her, something she'll neither confirm nor deny.

It's maybe the one place this very purposefully open actress won't go.

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Yes, she can afford to be indie, what with her reported worth of $300 million (some of it from the Cruise divorce, the rest her own earnings, supplemented by ads for Chanel No.

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