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Dating bulova wrist watch

Their perception in watch circles as utilitarian tool watches is not unfounded, and that's not a bad thing since they hold up incredibly well over time and are well designed, albeit sometimes busy like their Skyhawk pilot watches.

Often shorn in mineral crystal for scratch resistance and made in larger diameter cases, Citizens are a solid masculine watch that won't let you down.

Their least expensive timepieces are slightly more expensive than their base Seiko brethren, but their priciest, the Pro Saturation Diver doesn't approach Seiko's Grand Seiko line, costing thousands.

For those who like Danish minimalist design, Skagen watches are a good way to get into better than base watches, especially since most of their timepieces don’t cost more than 0.

But amongst affordable watch lovers, their reputation needs no introduction.

From dress watches to automatic dive watches, their lineup is not only well-priced but versatile, classic and attractive with nothing overstyled or cheap looking.

I wasn’t wearing a digital watch or even a plastic camp watch anymore. I wore it every day and then later passed it on to a good friend who was just getting into watches.

Just stay with their simpler styles, and you won’t go wrong.

Orient doesn't have the popularity of Seiko, despite being their subsidiary.

In fact, it’s easy to get a sub-0 timepiece with a Japanese automatic movement and sapphire crystal.

That’s a real bargain, given that you get features that show up on watches costing twice the price or more.

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