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No wonder so many women are so unhappy." I told her that one of the rarest qualities to find in a young woman today—at least towards eligible men—was kindness.So many men are simply starving for kindness from a woman but so often find sarcasm and cynicism instead.

It is easy for a man to feel that some women are actually looking to find fault, ready to pounce on him at the slightest ill-chosen word or misspoken comment.Be the strong man she needs you to be and get ready to provide some measure of financial security.4) Take care of your health and appearance: Women will usually prioritize a guy’s personality, heart and words when it’s time to choose a mate, but they do notice appearance when they are closely evaluating between different guys.If you do not have luck on the Christian sites, what about secular dating sites? 3) Get your career and finances in order: A guy with a ton of unmanageable debt is totally unattractive to a woman who wants to have a family.This is a wall that many Catholics are afraid to jump over, but I assure you that Catholic girls are everywhere. A man who wants to attract a good wife should have a career path or at least have some sort of plan for how he is going to earn a decent living.

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