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Dating direct affinity au nt mat

Due to time constraints upon the actual collation process in Mnster, it was decided to concentrate on the continuous-text minuscules and to suspend the time-consuming collation of the two 14th century lectionary MSS listed below. Since this project would be a trial in preparation for further investigation, it was decided to choose two pericopes in John that surround the PA, and one pericope for each of the other Gospels.

The latter were included to see whether any textual affinity detected in the PA would continue to hold across Gospel lines. Test passages in John -7:1 and 10:1-9 were eventually selected on the basis of the following considerations.

These MSS are listed with short descriptions in the following tables.

Three of them, namely 978, 1068, and lectionary 694, were corrected to the "Patmos" readings of the PA by a later hand.

This article examines the genetic relationships among 34 MSS suspected of being related because of a peculiar shared reading in John 8:8b-9a: "he wrote on the ground the sins of each..." A quantitative analysis detected several independent families, including new family members and a dozen MSS forming "family Patmos/M;" this family, in turn, includes the original Patmos family discovered by Silva New in 1932.

The collection is accessible to any serious researcher through the hospitality of the Mnster staff.There were practically no direct genealogical relationships to be detected among the MSS, with one notable exception--"A Patmos Family of Gospel Manuscripts," so named in the title of a subsequent article by Silva New.The existence, characteristics, and extent of this supposed Patmos family, originally consisting of the four manuscripts 1169, 1173, 1204, and 1385 (1204 from Sinai, the others from Patmos), will be the main subject of this study. After returning to Sinai and Patmos in 1932, and building on the preliminary results from 1927, Silva New was allowed to collate the four MSS in the Patmos family in the gospel of Mark.Apart from the so-called Lake and Ferrar groups (f1 and f13) and family 1424 or family , it has been difficult to connect any MS to an archetype or even to a sister MS in the stream of tradition, although cognate groups have been found--families of distant cousins, so to speak. After the discovery of the Patmos family some 70 years ago, little was written about it until 1999 when Maurice A.Robinson, in his collations of all available continuous-text MSS of the pericope of the adulteress (PA), found that three out of New's four Patmos MSS showed the same affinity of text in the PA as they do in Mark 11.

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The collation revealed an even closer relation between the three Patmos MSS than was expected.