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Almost half a year ago, however, the two split up, and Nathan began romancing mainland Chinese actress Stephy Qi (戚薇).An enraged insider took to the Internet to blast Nathan for cheating on Ady with Stephy, as well as criticize him for habitually exploiting his girlfriends’ connections to gain popularity.I wanna be an idol not actress at least, but I don't have time and courage :s So i'm so happy to be able to look up an actor like Taec Yeon-san!Thanks Koala and I 8767 m surprise you take notice on her too.Taecyeon is darn cute in that pic at the left bottom corner. But the impossiable has to happen and for that it takes durable people to go through all that. I think towards the end, Taecyeon got a rough idea of what and how to work with her and look after her. they are still children, but they are very interested in you. not just, you know they are not his, but they love you from my right. : D We love you all and your wonderful music keep up your spirits and continue with doing a fantastic job. Or your fans along with your friends and family will worry about all of you!! I applaud and commend you and all others like you on a job well done. I was smiling the whole time watching them because of the awkwardness. I'm from Boston too but I never knew you'd be famous! You're my favorite in 7PM after Jae Beom ♥ ^^ My heart's beating for You! As for Fujii Mina and Hong Ki, all i can say is Hong Ki is super lucky.

Even though this show is fake and staged somehow i can felt their are genuinely trying hard to make this work and it is endearing to see their effort. 第一次在韓國的我們結婚了世界版記者會結束囉.雖然我都聽不懂在說什麼 65797 有翻譯姐姐在.我都聽懂大家在說什麼了謝謝今天所有幫我的人.감사합니다 Translation: Korea's first Global We Got Married press conference just ended! as a couple we should open up how we feel and we are angry, sad even frustred as each other.

Whilst Taecyeon says yes, Gui Gui says no before explaining to him that she thought he wouldn 8767 t have time for her.

Mai Toast Dec 75 7569 pm Seen everything you've done so far - keep doing what you're doing :) you're great and you do it well.

Antoinnette Odelyn Britney Feb 69 7569 am I'm interested at this kind of business. To be able to dance, sing, act, create your own or find your own way!

I think Taec Yeon-san was amazing to be able to show courage and brave himself trough this path of living.

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LOL 7PM, like many other older Kpop groups, has become more and more irrelevant in Kpop scenes and can 8767 t compete with groups. My twin sis and I are here in America(soon to be in South Korea) supporting you and Jay.

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