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Amy fell in love with Sam because of his quiet strength and his gentleness.She discovered that he was every bit as manly in person as he was in his profile.He leaned towards her and said, “Babe, would you go ahead and marry me?” “I told him, ‘You have to get down on one knee.’” So he got down on one knee for her and he gave her the ring.He confided that he had wanted to ask for her phone number more than once, but he refrained because he knew Amy had been hurt in past relationships, so he didn’t want to rush her.“He was super understanding and careful with my feelings, and still is today!

Out of the blue, she would discover interesting things about him.“I remember saying, ‘Oh, you know Karate.’ or ‘You own land in Alaska! Amy thinks that she would never have dated Sam if they hadn’t met online. I would never have thought I’d do well with this type of guy.Before I met Sam, I was always falling for the wrong type of guy.Not the Proposal She Expected Amy had thought Sam was going to ask her to marry in August of 2013, on their one-year anniversary, because Sam had always said that they wouldn’t talk about marriage until they had dated for one year.Consequently, when he told her to dress up and that he had this great present for her, she was expecting a ring.

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It was a really good blessing that we met online first.” When Amy took Sam home to meet her family, they instantly fell in love with him.

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