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For several minutes, the pair answered questions about themselves on each other on either side of a partition wall.Hosts Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer seemed just as excited about the meeting, firing off a series of questions at the love-struck duo. Josh, who dressed up for the occasion in a shirt, jacket and pants, wasted no time and wrapped his arms around Michelle upon first sight of her. You’ve got a writers’ room at the moment for , don’t you? I don’t think I’ve written anything ever if it wasn’t for her and that collaboration in the first place. It says [holds up phone to screen], “Sat beside a pornographer.” [Laughs] I was invited to a dinner, and I asked, “What do you do? If [protagonist ‘s] subtext is always a mess — emotional mess, physical mess, f—ing all the time, eating in bed, all that — some would think the show needs to look grimy. Once, I wrote a whole episode of and it’s been years! HORGAN: No, we sit side by side like a pair of weirdos. I’d always worked closely with Vicky Jones [who directed the play]. WALLER-BRIDGE: I have an incredible director and director of photography, and we all felt ambitious from the start. I always knew that an essential part of the character is that she is desperate to give the impression she’s in control. HORGAN: I give myself false deadlines, and I give other people false deadlines, too. But there was that one day when you did it in 25 minutes, so for the rest of your life you’re like: It takes 25 minutes!Around the world, nearly every country is on our side.

If you are the kind of television watcher who takes your comedy sharp, complicated, and with a surprisingly emotional punch (with a healthy sprinkling of witty Britishisms to boot), then Sharon Horgan and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are just your cup of tea. There are so many terrible drafts and ideas along the way. And then to encourage people to get on your ship as well — I could metaphor about this for ages. WALLER-BRIDGE: I didn’t think of anything beyond the play at that point. Everyone carries darkness so close to the surface, yet we’re all laughing, pissing around, getting off, making friends, and getting married. Do you ever feel like you didn’t know what your show was about until people start articulating it back to you? You know what it means to you, but really it’s the people on the outside and how it made them feel and their experience of it. I feel like you must get this all the time from women who tell you what the character meant to them, how it reflected something from their lives.'Any day I can get out on the water's a good one,' Trudeau said, adding: 'And they call this work, you know?'The woman holding the camera turns it around to show her face and point to the prime minister and smile. I’m a terrible, terrible — wait, I should not be saying this.(1) Registered users: Shopping bag products are removed by the system after 5 days.

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