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Thomas' last words to his son were to not be afraid.At the police headquarters, one of the patrolmen, Sergeant James Gordon, did his best to comfort Bruce with a coat while Police Lieutenant Gillian Loeb was able to capture Chill.His favorite subject was drama since he loved to read plays, and asked Alfred a lot of questions about drama when he learned that the butler was a child actor while growing up in England.At age fourteen, Bruce became interested in sports when he learned of a teen soccer league that just formed in the neighborhood.At age twelve, Bruce's home-school days ended when he inherited enough money from his ancestors to give himself a first-class education and attend Mark Twain High School in Ossaville, a town closer than Gotham.

He blamed himself for his parents' murder: if had he not been frightened, the Waynes would not have encountered Chill, though Alfred assured him it was no one's fault but Chill's.

Although not enrolled in any of the public schools, he was somehow able to join one of the teams, but quit after his second practice since he probably wasn't the locker room type.

But Bruce still had an interest in other sports, and at age sixteen, he asked Alfred if they could try skiing.

He was taken back to the lodge with a cast for his leg and bandage on his forehead, and rested in bed until Alfred came to check on him.

Because Bruce had a broken leg and slight concussion, a doctor who Alfred conferred with concluded that if the butler wanted to take the boy back to Gotham, he would need proper transportation.

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Faking his death, Bruce passed on his legacy to John Blake and left Gotham to start a relationship with Selina Kyle.

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