Seduction dating rachel davis conversation king

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Davis tells men how to project just the right amount of interest, without appearing desperate or obnoxious.

Conventional stereotypes of the "strong, silent type" may be preserved in the old movies of our grandparents' era, but this non-communicative type generally doesn't get very far with modern women.

In this book, Davis shares the deepest secrets of her female friends and herself, offering them up for male use.

For men who have been wondering exactly "what women want," this is a rare opportunity to hear it straight from the source.

This sort of "free-flowing" conversation style does not involve sleazy pickup lines, but a more "natural" back-and-forth exchange of listening and observing female cues.

The guide teaches men how to avoid the painful "dead air" that occurs when conversation topics run out.

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Rachel Davis' Conversation King offers a far more unique approach to this field though.