Truck stop dating

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One good reason to stop at a truck stop is the price of fuel, which is often lower at truck plazas than in the rest of the surrounding area.

One of the best-managed chains, Flying J, provides fuel prices online for each of its locations nationwide.

I love to walk the aisles and marvel at the array of merchandise on the shelves.

Some of the automotive tools may look familiar, but few stores offer the following items all within 20 feet of each other: an audio tape on New Age mediation, a Browning knife, a Garmin fish finder, an aromatherapy reed diffuser, a genuine wood-grain noise-canceling CB mike, a Joan of Arc VHS tape, a 250-channel preprogrammed police scanner, a die-cast collectible fuel tanker, a metal detector, the complete "Seinfeld" series on DVD, a rocking chair, a deep-fat fryer, an excellent selection of women's watches, cameras, the world's largest assortment of beef jerky and other salty snacks, a DISH satellite "finder meter," a cordless drill, a 12-volt ionizer and air purifier, several styles of small refrigerators, coffee makers, mugs, T-shirts, flashlights, electric blankets and the little gizmos that truckers use to lock their trailer doors.

It is normally more of the argumentative nature that turns them off.-------- RANT OVERI would not care if the gal drove a truck - was a nurse’s assistant at a local grade school - put seats together at the local auto plant (if there is still any plants left in the USA)If she has some kind of high ranking position and thinks her p OOp don’t stink ......... If a man doesn't want to get into a relationship with a specific woman, odds are he has not taken the time and opportunity to get to know her as such for potential, mostly because he walks past her, mostly because he has no desire to sleep with her, mostly because, again, she's ugly. if a man doesnt think you are atleast attractive he wont even take a second look lol..... And a single available person WILL find a way to show interest!! I dont think keeping clean while driving a truck...sleeping in the truck would be an issue.... and if that's the life a woman wants a guy would take her like she is if she is what he wants.....

It's very entertaining to watch, and I'm sometimes tempted to hold up an Olympic-style scoring card when I've seen a particularly impressive move.

And then there are the showers … After a long day of driving, especially if you're on a "speed run", a shower is often a higher priority than a bed. While truckers receive special discounts at the showers, most truck stops welcome other motorists, too.

These days it's easy to travel coast to coast and find the same old big-box retailers and fast food outlets at just about every interchange..

Sure you can stop there, but what's the point of that?

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If it's 7-Eleven you want, you might as well stay home.