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Us voice dating llc

In June 2016, Whisper announced that they will be introducing video ads, and started on July 3 with a partnership with Universal Studios' to promote the movie The Secret Life of Pets.Whisper said that it will share the most popular posts on its Facebook page, which reportedly reaches more than 200 million people.The videos consist of a series of Whispers set against relevant video clips and instrumental background music.The selection of Whispers to include in a Perspectives video story is done by an in-house proprietary AI program called "Eliot." According to Tech Crunch, "Eliot takes structured and unstructured data that is scanned on a company's website and identifies key topics, places and people associated with the story...The article stated that the Arbiter runs on a PC with 128GB of RAM and four Nvidia Ge Force Titan X graphics cards, each of which has a graphics processing unit with 3072 computing cores and 12GB of RAM.Those GPUs enable it to perform artificial intelligence and use neural network technology to assess incoming whispers.Everyone can relate to the experience of a first date: the promise of potential love when it goes well and the hilariously awkward moments if it crashes and burns.

The digital-news website SMU SMC summed up all these points together: "In addition to preventing cyber bullies, Whisper gives users the opportunity to confess to things that could potentially ruin marriages, friendships or result in loss of job, without suffering consequences.

Since 2013, Whisper has brought its technology team in-house.

Whisper had 25 software engineers in their Venice, CA office.

As of the beginning of July, 2017, Whisper has had to layoff 20% of their 71-employee staff due to a lack of revenue and operating plans which were based solely upon investment capital.

In March 2016, Fast Company reported that Whisper had recently begun to use deep learning to build a content moderation tool, internally dubbed the Arbiter.

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The AI engine then generates a contextually relevant story or video." Pitch Book, an independent private equity and venture capital research firm, forecasted in November 2013 that Whisper is one of the likeliest social platform IPOs, with a pre-money valuation of $85 million.

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